We sell what we raise on the coastal range of San Mateo County, California.

At LeftCoast GrassFed, we use…

…regenerative grazing
to sequester carbon
to build soil
to retain water
to support wildlife
to grow healthy grass
to feed happy cows
to produce sustainable and delicious

100% grass-fed beef

We do this by dedicating ourselves to the health and preservation of our land and our community. We plan our grazing and use solar powered electric fences to control the foraging pattern of our cattle while monitoring our pastures carefully. This assures our grazing practices are regenerative. That is, they result in healthy soils, clean water, and wildlife-friendly habitat. By following these methods, we have brought back native grasses, improved soil water retention, and are working towards building soil carbon.

We also set the highest priority on guaranteeing our cattle are raised in a way that supports healthy, calm and content animals on a grass-only diet. This way we can offer our customers the best ‘do-good/feel-good’ grass-fed beef possible. That is, we do good by our animals, so you can feel good about eating our grass-fed beef!

And did we succeed? Yes!

We have met and surpassed all of the requirements for certification and right to proudly display the seals of the American Grassfed Association and Land to Market, and our land is certified organic with CCOF.  We proudly endorse the five freedoms of animal welfare (freedom from hunger and thirst; discomfort; pain, injury, or disease, freedom to express normal behavior, and freedom from fear and distress) and we use Low-Stress Livestock Handling techniques.

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LeftCoast GrassFed is part of TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation. Click here to learn more.